As our loved ones get older they start having challenges doing things that they used to do for many years. Besides that, it can be very traumatic on their self esteems and egos, a dirty home can cause sickness. A cluttered home can be hazardous by causing falls, injuries, and many other challenges. Many people have stated that cluttered homes has made them feel anxious. This is why many choose assistance with light housekeeping.

Light House Work
Light Housekeeping means keeping the living space for the client clean and uncluttered. For example, Jane provides home care services for Betty. Betty lives with her daughter and daughter’s husband, who are at work during the day. Jane walks in and sees debris and old stains on the floor and couch in the living room where Betty spends most of her day. She finds everybody’s dishes in the sink and dirty towels in both bathrooms.

As a caregiver, Jane is responsible for Betty’s living area, not the rest of the family’s. This includes stripping her bed, washing, drying, folding linens and clothing, cooking and cleaning up after meals, and storings dishes, vaccuuming her immediate living areas. Jane is not authorized to clean up after, or attend to the needs of the whole household. She is there for Betty. In other words, Jane’s light housekeeping is completing the specific tasks required to tidy up areas that the client uses.

Caregivers Cont'

Jane picks up and vaccums the living room floor. She then picks up the towels in the bathroom that Betty uses. She replaces the toilet paper in Betty’s bathroom. She also cleans enough dishes for Betty to eat and drink with. She will also wash and dry her clothes and linens and remake her bed.

As a result of having clean and neat homes, seniors have reported to have felt ‘more relaxed’, ‘had an easier time finding things they needed’, and felt happier overall.  It is the opinion of many, that a happy person is more likely to be healthy.

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