We know what it’s like to be the one taking care of an older family member. Whether you decided to care for your older family member because you felt obligated, like you owed them because they took care of you, nobody else was going to do it, felt guilty for not, or because you wanted to, having an adult family member almost completely reliant on you can get taxing and challenging.

Do You Need A Break?

You may have felt underappreciated because your older family member has been getting short with you because he/she is frustrated that they cannot do what they used to be able to do and you’re the one they can display their frustration toward or maybe you sometimes feel like your life revolves around your older family member.  Maybe you are feeling as if you are living for someone else, even though you love them. Maybe you feel like you have lost, or losing, your identity of who you are.

Maybe you have thought to yourself or heard from others that you need a break, or that you need to get out without having to worry about someone else.  Maybe after hearing this you still either feel guilty for getting a break or are just not comfortable leaving them in the care of someone else. Maybe you have felt like there is nobody else you can trust.

If any of the above mentioned describes you, it’s not your fault! These are very natural and common feelings that many caregivers experience while caring for their older family members.

Don't Feel Guilty.

If you are feeling guilty for getting time for yourself, or away from your older family member, you being on this page must have you realizing that a break is needed if the situation were right.  Consider this, the better you take care of yourself, the more you will have to give to them.  Studies show that people 50 and above, who are their family members caregivers are approximately twice as likely to have a chronic illness than those who are not.

Fortunately, there is a solution!  Respite care offers skilled care for your older family member while you get a break.  Our caregivers are carefully screened, well trained, and qualified for your family member’s needs.  We match your family members needs with the best available match from our pool of caregivers.  You may be thinking, “They may be experienced and trained, but how do I know they will not care about them as much as I do.”  Our response is part of our screening process for hiring our caregivers is to make sure they have chosen this profession because they have a passion for helping others, and a passion for improving the lives of others who are reliant on them.  Our caregivers truly care about your family member!

Whether you give yourself a vacation, a getaway, days off, or a few hours off every, allows you to have more balance in your life.  You are able to do things you enjoy, take care of yourself, or just break the monotony.

If you could get a break for one day a week, a couple days a month, or a week off, or just a few hours a day, what would you do? How much would you enjoy that? What would it do for your state of mind and well being if you could have a break for yourself? Our Respite care service is here to care for your older loved one while giving you the break you’ll enjoy! Please call us at (208)631-3940 with any questions, or to schedule an assessment.

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