It is widely known that it is a lot more healthy to get out of the house and do things than it is to be at home all the time.  Have you or anyone you know, ever felt better almost immediately after getting out of the house and socializing? Your loved one will feel better getting out as well.

National Academy Of Sciences

Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences have done studies on senior isolation and noticed several risks.  Some of these risks can be scary.  On a worst case scenario, loneliness and isolation can raise the chances of mortality in adults age 52 and older.  Why live if we do not have anyone to live for?

Leaving The House Isn't Just For Errands

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can also cause many other issues, like the negative impact on mental and physical health.  Some of these risks include lung disease, cognitive decline, dementia, dementia acceleration, and high blood pressure, arthritis, more impaired mobility, depression, among many others.  Isolation also shows a connection to being more vulnerable to elder abuse, or neglect.  Seniors who have been isolated socially have shown to be much less optimistic about the future.  Nobody, especially your loved one, deserves any of this.

Being home all day every day with a caregiver can satisfy loneliness.  However, being home all day every day with a caregiver does not satisfy the feeling of isolation.  What has proven to satisfy loneliness and isolation is getting out of the house and doing something physical. Even if the physical activity is walking.

Our Goal

Our services of transportation, running errands, and going to social gatherings (like senior centers, potlucks, etc)  can alleviate these challenges, and are often the the most enjoyable services for our clients.  Many seniors like picking out their fruits and going through the checkout line.  Many seniors love social interaction at senior centers and bingo.  Once seniors get used to getting out of the house and socializing, their self-confidence and outlook on life and the future immediately improves!  If you’re looking for a way to quickly and dramatically improve your loved one’s outlook, this is most likely the way!

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