Now if you are considering 24-Hour Care for your loved one, chances are you are looking at other options as well.  The most common options are Nursing Homes.  Before considering this option you may want to know the severe disadvantages. As you continue to read you will quickly realize that 24-Hour Care is the best option, for the happiness and well being of your loved one.


First, according to the most recent “Cost of Care Survey,” nursing homes are easily the most costly type of long-term care. In many states, the average rate for a private room is as high as $200 to $300 per day, totaling as much as over $108,000 per year!  That is over twice the average household income in the state of Idaho, according to the State Department of Numbers. That level of cost tends to deter a lot of people.  If you happen to have the disposable resources where this may not phase you, keep reading.

Second, it is very common for residents of Nursing Homes to become depressed.

Taking a loved one from a place of comfort of what feels like home can cause depression. Not only is this an enormous change, many people, especially seniors, are terrified of moving into a nursing home because they know they will likely die there. Since many seniors never end up returning home, this fear is very realistic and usually true.  This is all before even moving into the nursing home.  If you don’t see them getting depressed while anticipating moving into a nursing home, keep reading.

It is well known that seniors often become depressed after they have started living in the nursing home.  First, they start feeling isolated.  Then they start feeling lonely.  They start feeling that their loved ones don’t care enough about them to see them.  This may also cause them to feel bitter.  They start thinking of their lives before they moved into the nursing home, and the things and people they miss.  They can also become depressed from feeling unloved. “If nobody loves me while I can’t take care of myself, why should I?”  If your loved one has dementia, studies have shown removing them from where they are used to living can accelerate the decline.

They feel like they lose their independence and freedom.  We are all creatures of habit.  Older adults are no different except they do not adjust nearly as well as younger or middle-aged adults.   It can be very difficult to adjust to new routines and schedules in the nursing home.   Many seniors are, For example, they can no longer choose what they want to eat when they are hungry. Instead, they are served a set menu at specific times throughout the day. While a nursing home schedule might be beneficial to your loved one’s overall health, the loss of freedom and independence can cause them to lose self-esteem as they are no longer in control of their own life.

There is potential for low quality of care

We’ve all heard about mistreatment and neglect in nursing homes. According to, 90 percent of nursing homes are understaffed.  This causes neglect, accidents, and people getting mistreated by stressed out and overwhelmed staff.  Seniors who are reliant on their caregivers, often go long periods of time without getting changed, cleaned, or moved.  Imagine the agony experienced by your loved one.

After discovering all the negatives of nursing homes, here is why in our opinion 24-hour care is a much better option for your loved one. With 24-Hour Care, your loved one gets to stay living where they are comfortable, in their home. This is where they have established their own routine. They have all of their belongings. They do not have to feel like they lost everything. They have their own personal caregiver that’s job is to take care of them when they need them.

There are two ways we can provide your loved one with 24-hour care.  The most common way is in shifts. Your loved one can have a well-trained caregiver at all hours of the day who are rested.  With caregivers working in shifts, there tends to be more accountability between caregivers.  Whatever one caregiver may not get done in their shift is picked up by the next caregiver.  In almost no time at all, each caregiver on each shift can push each other to make sure your loved one is well taken care of and, just as importantly, happy.  Were we carefully hire, screen, and supervise our caregivers, having multiple caregivers does nothing but adds to your seniors quality of life.

The other way 24-hour care is given is with a Live-In Caregiver.   The only advantage here is the pricing.  The live-in caregiver will need their own living quarters and is required a 4-hour break each day (not sleeping).  This leaves your loved one alone for those four hours.

Whichever 24-hour service option you choose, our caregivers’ main job is to help your loved one with their care needs. All service plans are customized.  so whether they need help bathing, toileting, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, or companion care, our caregivers are here to help your loved ones and improve their quality of life.

Commonly overlooked ways how 24-Hour Caregiving Benefits the whole family is no more worrying about an aging family member getting hurt from falling with nobody there to attend to them.  Your loved one gets help toileting, bathing, dressing, and everything they need when they need it. This way you do not have to be the caregiver.  You can enjoy their company and they can enjoy yours, without any reliance on each other for anything that’s required for daily living.

With 24-Hour Care, your loved one gets to stay living where they are comfortable, in their home.  This is where they have established their own routine.  They have all of their belongings.  They do not have to feel like they lost everything.  They have their own personal caregiver that’s job is to take care of them when they need them.  They can be themselves, keep their dignity, and their self-esteem.



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