The purpose of companion care is emotional support and companionship for seniors who are still somewhat active and want to remain at home. Companion care can consist of many different activities depending on what best suits your loved one.

Companion care usually consists of activities that are enjoyable to your loved one, like playing board games, games, watching shows or movies together, playing with a pet, calling family members, engaging on social media, going places, cooking, and many other activities that help your loved one enjoy the moment.

Companion care also includes assistance with daily chores and activities.  For example, one of our clients is still able to cook but has challenges lifting the pan, and opening harder to open packages.  Her caregiver does those things for her allowing her to keep her independence of cooking for herself.  Any light housekeeping, or chore, that the senior can still do with some assistance, or company, can be considered companion care.

Benefits of Companion Care include emotional support, improved quality of life, eliminates loneliness, the feeling of not having to burden family members, among others.  Studies have shown that seniors who engage their minds socially on a regular basis are able to better maintain their mental acuity.  This can help delay the effects of Alzheimer’s among other mental impairments.

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