If we enter a condition that makes us unable to make decisions on how we are cared for, what do we do?  If your health, unexpectedly falls into a condition in which you will not be competent enough to make serious decisions, would you like to have a plan in place? The time to plan the end of life care is now when the senior is able to decide his or her wishes.  

Five Wishes is a quick and effective option.  Five Wishes Advanced Healthcare Directive is a legal document that allows a senior to easily plan their future healthcare in the event they enter a condition that has them unable to make decisions. 

This is a plan for the end of life care in easy to understand language.  Many people make Wills that include some of these wishes, however with all the legal terms, desired healthcare can very easily be misunderstood, resulting in the seniors not getting the care they would want.  This includes health, spiritual, and emotional care.  

The first wish is choosing who will make decisions about your personal care when you cannot. This will be a stressful situation for everyone involved.  Having someone designated to make these decisions beforehand can relieve unnecessary stress before it occurs.   

The second wish is choosing what types of treatment you want or would rather bypass. For example, many people make these decisions when it comes to being on life support. Some choose to not be put on life support and go peacefully.  Others choose to be kept alive. This is another topic, that if handled beforehand, family members can be saved a great deal of stress deciding what to do. If they know the senior’s wish is to not be on life support, that is one less major discussion that everyone has to go through. 

Third, is about comfort.  How comfortable the senior wants to be.  Different people have different wants and needs of what makes them comfortable.  Some want to be as comfortable as possible regardless of the cost.  Others are not concerned about comfort. Some people would rather be less comfortable while keeping expenses lower so there is more to leave the remaining family. 

The fourth question allows the senior to determine how they want to be treated. Some may want more one on one attention, while others want less.  Some may want to hear certain music that reminds them of a happier time.  Others may want to be read to or prayed with.  

The fifth question can be a big one than many people overlook. This is where the senior can make sure everyone is told whatever the senior wants them to know. Have you ever had a loved one pass and wish you could have told him or hear something that you didn’t get a chance to?  This is the senior’s opportunity to make sure everyone knows everything they want them to know.  Some people may leave them a simple “I love you”.  Others may leave words of wisdom. There are no limits to messages that can be left.  

As you may have noticed ‘Five Wishes Advanced Healthcare Directive’ is not just for the senior. It is for the benefit of the whole family. Seniors get to document, and have, the care they desire.  

Family members get answers to many questions they would not have without Five Wishes.  This is because they will know exactly what the senior wants.  They will be able to have possible disputes settled before they happen.  Last, but not least, family members can move forward with the peace of mind of knowing they are doing what the senior wishes. 

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